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BLS Brandsunion UG
address :
Schulweg 2
24398 Karby
contact :
phone: (0049) (0) 4644 9589040
Facebook: BLS Brandsunion auf Facebook
seat of the society: Karby Germany
responsible court: Flensburg Germany
commercial register: HRB 12739 FL 16.01.2018
Tax number: 15/294/13541
VAT ID: DE316042158
creditors ID: DE28BLS00002094665
authorized representative: Suad Danijel Smailovic
responsible for content:
BLS Brandsunion UG
Schulweg 2
24398 Karby
technical operator:
BLS Brandsunion UG
Schulweg 2
24398 Karby


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BLS Brandsunion UG reserves the right to make changes or additions to the provided information without prior notice. In no event shall BLS Brandsunion UG be liable for damages resulting from lack of use or loss of data in connection with the use of documents or information or the provision of services accessible on this website.

Dispute resolution:

The EU Commission has set up an Internet platform for online dispute resolution ("OS platform") between entrepreneurs and consumers. The OS platform is reachable under

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